Food is an emotion. It makes you smile, takes you down memory lane and tugs at your heartstrings. It coaxes, it cajoles; brightens up your mood, and can bring tears to your eyes.

The magic of food is such that the more lovingly it is made, the more enjoyable it becomes. At Nutrisupa, we want you to cook with a smile. Our endeavour is to help you make food that is full of taste, wholesome nutrition and nature’s purity, and yet is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

Celebrating Indian Tastes and Traditional Recipes

Nutrisupa is a union of nostalgic flavors  and indigenous ingredients. Our moringa lentil soup is bound to transport you to your ancestral home. Our sambar will remind you of your mother’s perfect sambar that you lick off your fingers even today! In essence, if you have enjoyed native foods in the past and miss its authenticity in the modern day, Nutrisupa is for you.

Embracing Plant based & Vegan Foods

All our foods are entirely plant-based. Nutrisupa has a range of delicious vegan food products to choose from. Whether your reason to embrace vegan foods is for ethical, environmental or health, we have you covered—from vegan soups to vegan chutney powders.

The Goodness of Locally-sourced Ingredients

Native ingredients give our products a burst of good health—whether it’s the almonds from Kashmir, the pepper from Chikmagalur or the organic moringa sourced from Karnataka, you will be surprised by the amount of nutrition packed in each serving of a homegrown ingredient. Our speciality sourcing ensures that the meal we put on your plate promotes your wellness, tickles your tastebuds and blesses your stomach.

Each product at Nutrisupa is thoughtfully designed for people who wish to eat mindfully and lead a holistic lifestyle. We assure you that you will truly cherish the gastronomic experiences we have crafted for you.

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