About Nutrisupa

We are a young brand; but our story is centuries-old.

It’s a grandmother’s tale you have heard often, but never get tired of. It’s a promise straight from the heart that you can trust with your eyes closed.

Nutrisupa celebrates the culinary and spice heritage of India. Our learnings are deep-rooted in Indian culture, but we love mixing it up with modern ideas to create food that is traditional yet functional. We like to call it ‘evolving tradition’.

The Nutrisupa Mission

A few decades ago, cooking and eating Indian food prepared from homegrown ingredients was part of everyday life. Today, however, ingredients like agathi, moringa leaves, kesar (saffron) or rose petals that are integral to our food culture, are not as easily available.

What Nutrisupa has set out to do is unearth some of the best sources of native foods, and conceive products with these elements. By creating unique soups, chutneys, masala powders and health drinks made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, we wish to relive the bygone days, find daily inspiration to cook nutritious food, and encourage the practice of healthy and clean eating. We also want you to be able to do all this with ease. This is why Nutrisupa exists.

Roopa Rajan

Roopa Rajan is the heart, soul and brain behind Nutrisupa.

She believes that her keen eye for choosing the best of ingredients for her culinary experiments emerged from her childhood visits to the Mysore market with her father.

Roopa enjoys interacting with people and cooking for them. In her own words, “I love feeding people. I love to see the smile. I love to see people engage in conversation when they have a meal together.”

And somewhere along this journey, her dream of offering nutritious, and fresh food products, made with traditional ingredients, to conscious eaters took wing.

In just a short time, Roopa has added a couple of feathers to her chef’s hat! She was one of the 15 women entrepreneurs in Bangalore, from the F&B segment, to win an entrepreneurship challenge organized by Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME). She has also been on social media chef platforms, where she has shared some of her traditional recipes

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